Our sister project, Muckle Ceilidh, is part of the band’s way of sharing upbeat tunes where they’re most at home- on the dance floor. The name approximately translates as “Big Scottish Event” and that’s precisely what we strive to help produce. Clear instructions given by expert callers help dancers find their groove while having a laugh with old and new friends. The music is rhythmic and clear, with plenty of bass to fill a floor.

Every effort is made to ensure prompt professional setup of equipment. Muckle Ceilidh endeavours to ensure your event operates seamlessly and has a warm comfortable atmosphere to settle people into dancing.

See our contact page for booking enquires. We look forward to hearing from you!


fun & easy guidance through dances

For those people never having been to a ceilidh before, having clear instruction on how to go through each dance is essential. Both Michael and Ollie have a wealth of experience and a love for sharing dances. Their tuition on-the-fly is professional and sensitive to the needs of a group.

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Cheerful Management of crowds

When things get tight, Muckle Ceilidh are able to tweak dances and tempos to keep people comfortable and safe. Recognising the risks of dancing is part of our remit, and we recognise keeping things lively but secure is part of our job. Full public liability comes with the band for peace of mind. A copy of the band’s insurance can be provided on request.

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Warm friendly Atmosphere

From gentle background music to warm up the room, to flashing lights on the dance floor- we know and love what goes into a good party. The band’s set up can be tailored to fill large or small venues. Our understanding of space, lighting and sound balance will help lift your event so people remember it well for years to come.