Ollie Rigg


Whistles, Uilleann / Border / Highland Pipes, Flute, Guitar.

Ollie Rigg hails from a rich highland piping background. Learning from aged 9 in Dumfries and Galloway, Ollie collected prizes in the Open Highland Games cicuits as a teenager. While studying in Glasgow, Ollie played with the Scottish Power Pipe Band from 2011-2013, during which time the band was consistently ranked in the top 3 bands in the World Championships. He has taught both large groups and provided 1-on-1 tuition at the College of Piping in Glasgow; where his attention was switched from competitive drive to playful and constructive learning. He takes pride in teaching in a meaningful way; helping students learn the music they enjoy with the least fuss.

Although still playing highland and border pipes to a high standard, Ollie’s main focus is now mastering the Tin Whistle and Uilleann Pipes. This has generated greater musical diversity and capability in his tunes while maintaining a high technical ability.

For Uilleann Pipes, he is currently receiving expert-level tuition from Jarlath Henderson in order to “push-those-limits” and understand the instrument’s capabilities.

He currently works part-time as a Health and Safety Advisor with Natural Power near the Rhins of Kells, New Galloway.

Learn more about this daftie and his projects at www.ollierigg.com